Screenshots of Kraftwerk Version 1

The Kraftwerk version 1 web UI only wins design awards for minimalism, nothing else. You have been warned. Enjoy! ;-)

When logging in to Kraftwerk you're greeted with all the exercices of today. This hopefully gets you motivated to work out. Days start at 3am at German time, so when coming home late or staying awake longer than you probably should have, you could still enter the latest exercises of the day. The motto here is: tomorrow only starts after having slept. If nothing happened so far today, you were invited to be the first one to enter your exercises. The "Today" page or front page looks then looks like that:


Otherwise it shows the exercises of the day, just like in the overall exercises overview, but limited to the current day. The "Exercises Overview" contains a crude table containing user, discipline, counter, start, end, duration and possible actions. I reckon only deletion is implemented, update is not possible straight away. You could remove and reenter the fixed information. Since the UI is German only also the timestamp format is the traditional German date and time format. The "Exercises Overview" looks like that:

Exercises Overview

The linked discipline of the exercise row takes you to the actual exercise details page. A simple physical training like situps shows the same details as in the overviews. And it appears that there is a rendering error in the <dl> <dt> <dd> structure. Probably some messed up CSS. An example of "View Exercises Situps":

View Exercise Situps

A more involved exercise like a bicycle tour with a GPX file attached also shows a box with extracted data from that GPX. Some labels are poorly translated. Below that an OpenStreetMap widget is rendered showing the recorded trajectory in green (hardly visible) with start and end markers (cut off in the screenshot):

View Exercise Bicyle Tour

Via the fourth menu item or the link in the "Today" page you can add an exercise. For convenience my three most used discipines are selectable very easily. But you can also enter any discipline in the free text field. Together with the start timestamp either the end timestamp or duration must be entered. A lot of timestamp formats can be parsed, even things like "heute" (today), "gestern" (yesterday), "vorgesterm", "day before yesterday". The "Enter Exercise" form:

Enter Exercise

After submitting the exercise a green success message box (not shown) appears just below the headline of the "View Exercise $Discipline" page you're forwarded to. Below the details is a link where you can add a GPX file (see two screenshots above). Following that link brings you to the "Add GPS Trajectory" form, where you can upload the GPX file:

Add GPS Trajectory Without Any Matching
GPX Candidates

If there are already any GPX candidates from whatever user in the given timeframe plus/minus one day, you can simply select that GPX file from the suggestions box and apply it to your exercise, too. This is very convenient for the second, third etc. user after the first of the riding team has uploaded the GPS trajectory already:

Add GPS Trajectory With GPX
Candidate Suggestions From Approximate Period Of Your Exercise

After a GPX file is attached to the exercise you're forwarded to the exercise details page again. A form shows up that enables you to simply apply the start and end timestamps recorded in the GPX to your exercise with the click of a button (not shown).

To add your weight in kilograms at a given point in time, the fifth menu item takes you to the "Enter Weight" form:

Enter Weight

Now we skipped over the first menu item, the "User Overview". It just lists all users with a sum of their submitted exercises:

User Overview

Following a user link brings you to the "User Overiew $User" page, a kind of profile page with several sections and statistics. First an "Overall Statistic" grouped by discipline is displayed. It shows the total number of exercises, when the first and last exercise was performed, the resulting period and the average count of that discipline per day in that period. The second section just lists the summed numbers for each day and exercise. For each day. Up until today. Even if there wasn't done anything. So this list gets incredibly looooong. For Kraftwerk version 2 I definitely need to specify custom periods for the stats.

Overall Statistic And Daily Statistics
For A User

Now for some actual numbers in the "Daily Statistics":

Daily Statistics For A User Where
Exercises Where Actually Done

The third section is about "Hourly Statistics" and groups exercises by the hours of the day:

Hourly Statistics For A User

The final section is about "Weight Losses and Gains" and shows a graph with all the entered weights and the smoothed average:

Weight Losses And Gains

Finally, documentation on the crude REST API:

REST API Documentation

The third to last menu item "Change API Password" lets you enter or reset a custom password for the REST API only. That way you can use a different password in your scripts without putting your server password (regular web UI login is connected to the server's LDAP service) at risk.

Logout is possible with the second to last menu item.

I reckon that's it. Most, if not all features have been briefly outlined here.